RICS draft guidance note - Risk, liability and insurance, 3rd edition

Risk, Liability and Insurance - 3rd edition

7 Conclusion

7.1 Effective risk management is a dynamic process. It is intended that this guidance, and the other materials referred to in this document, will equip members and their clients to understand the issues they address, but they cannot be a substitute for firms and individual members constantly seeking to identify the risks which confront their practice, and to take steps to control and manage those risks. For further guidance on dealing effectively with complaints and claims, members are referred to the current edition of Complaints handling,RICS guidance note.

7.2 This is the responsibility of all members: a responsibility they owe to their profession, to their clients, and to all participants in property markets.

7.3 By necessity, the coverage of some subjects in this guidance is brief. As well as taking steps generally, RICS members should take a fresh look at the terms and conditions on which they engage with their clients. In doing so, members are encouraged to take specific legal advice on the particular points to which their practice gives rise.