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Dear Professional Group Board Members,

Thank you for participating in this important ongoing consultation. As primary influencers of our PG2020 initiative, it is your thoughtful insight and feedback that will determine the structure and focus of our Professional Groups well into the future.  Working in the public interest (in compliance with our Royal Charter), Governing Council has made the setting of globally consistent standards (together with effective regulation) its core strategic tenet. It is up to us now to implement it.

2017 takes us into an important phase of this project. Based on your previous input, we have identified the market needs that underlie our work and, with the help of professional authors, have begun the process of producing a robust set of standards and professional statements.  Now under your guidance and relying on your market insights, we can build an effective structure that can guide all our standards-setting activities. The answers you provide to the attached questionnaire will drive this process and shape PG2020.

Thank you again for participating in this important consultation. Working together we can ensure that the Institution remains at the forefront of producing the world-class standards not only for the land, property and built environment profession itself but for the users of our services and, above all, the wider public we serve.

Steve Williams, Knowledge Board Chair

Consultation overview

The consultation is being delivered across a number of stages providing you with multiple opportunities to contribute. These are:

  • UK virtual questions (24nd February – 26th March)
  • Global virtual questions (1st March – 31st March)
  • Chairs’ Day (25th April)
  • Virtual proposal review (26th May – 26th June)We will be preparing briefing packs for chairs to enable them to interact with their board members on the key questions we will be discussing at Chairs Day. This will help them to feel fully prepared and enable a wider pool of people the opportunity to contribute in this stage.

You can respond to the questionnaire here.

You may now respond to this consultation

Consultation Summary

Consultation Summary
Name Professional Group Review
Description We invite participants to fill in the questionnaire 'Professional Group Review'
Dates From 24 Feb 2017 at 14:00 to 26 Mar 2017 at 23:59.
Status Open
Contact Details