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RICS is committed to introducing a suite of professional standards that will shine a light on the expertise and exemplary conduct of those working across the land, property and construction, and valuation sectors. A profession that operates under the most rigorous standards will be one trusted by clients and governments alike. Never before have professional surveying skills been more in demand. That makes our work to strengthen the industry’s home-grown skills base all the more relevant. This can only be achieved through collaborating with our professionals, and that is why we need your insight to help us shape the professionals of the future.

With this in mind, I am pleased to share with you the second-stage consultation as part of the review of our pathways and competencies. We have listened to the views from the first consultation in 2016; the comments we received are reflected in the detail of each qualification pathway.

Innovation is at the heart of all that our professionals do. New competencies such as ‘Big data’, ‘Inclusive environments’, and ‘Smart cities and intelligent buildings’ are included here. Some competencies have been updated and, where there is duplication and overlap, some removed. There is greater flexibility of choice for candidates choosing their competencies. All current pathways will be retained and two new pathways have been developed.

The consultation documents are:

  • Draft pathway guides, including two new pathways – ‘Corporate Real Estate’ and ‘Land and Resources’. These are working documents for this consultation and not reflective of the final branded versions
  • Draft of the new mandatory competencies with expanded descriptors and examples
  • Summary of the proposed changes
  • Matrix of the proposed competencies
  • Updated FAQs.

I encourage you to read the consultation documents relevant to your pathway(s), supporting information and to complete the brief questionnaire. Whether you are an assessor, counsellor, graduate manager, or on your journey to qualifying with RICS, we want to tap into your experiences, and your ideas for how we develop professionals of the future.

I would like to thank you for your efforts so far. I would also like to thank everyone involved in supporting the development of the new pathways and competencies framework for giving your time, feedback and expertise to the project:

Stephen Adams

Alexander Aronsohn

John Baker

Paul Bagust

Mike Basquill

Andrew Blackshaw

Simon Benison

Peter Bolton King

Jon Bowey

Alan Bronte

Helen Brydson

Tony Burton

Jonathan Cameron

Alan Carswell

Paul Collins

Bill Conley

Martin Conlon

Charles Cowap

Alan Cripps

James Crisp

Vanessa Curtis

Paul Cutbill

Hannah Davis

Georgina Dunn

Stuart Earl

Ben Elder

Tim Elliot

Graham Ellis

Gary Evans

Anthony Eysenck

Andrew Fitzherbert

Stuart laxton

Julie Fleck

Kath Fontana

Tim Fry

Richard Fryer

Louise Georgi

Claire Grindey

Fiona Haggett

Graham Halkyard

David Harbour

Mary Hardman

Tracey Hartley

Barry Haynes

Chris Hodges

Ian Howarth

Ed Inder

Imran Ishaq

Tim Jones

Lucile Kamar

James Kavanagh

Martin Laws

Jon Lever

David Lewis

Lois Locker

John Lockheart

Steve Lockwood

James Maddock

Fiona Mannix

Diane MacKnight

Ian Maycock

Rob McFadden

Stephen Mckenna

Helen McPhee

Andrew McSymthurs

Danny Medcalf

Nigel Mehdi

Ian Milton

Brigid Morahan

Tony Mulhall

Rory Murphy

John Murray

Alan Muse

Adrian Nichols

Michael T O’Connor

James O’Gorman

Bill O’Neill

Michael Pain

Rob Parker

Robert Paul

Katie Perks-Beattie

James Pickard

Victoria Poplett

Gareth Powell

Dave Ramsey

Alison Rankin

Steve Rea

Sasha Richards

Archie Rintoul

Martin Rowack

Ema Saunders

Sarah Sayce

Nigel Sellars

Andy Sergeant

Terri Setters

Stephen Shallcroft



Paul Simpson

Jill Skidmore

Andrew Smith

Paul Smith

Justin Sullivan

Kate Taylor

Mike Toosey

Kevin Thomas

Steven Thompson

Becky Thomson

Justin Twomey

Jaspal Virdee-Dhanjal

Niall Walsh

Ursula Waterfield

Jerome Webb

Neil Webster

Chris Welch

Simone West

Kevin Whitehead

Nicola Williams

Mike Wood

Helen Zammit-Wilson

The Property Training Forum

RICS' Regional Education Standards Boards

RICS’ Corporate Occupier Group

RICS’ Inclusive Design Working Group

RICS’ Public Sector Group

RICS’ Regional Training Advisors


If you have any comments or questions about the consultation, please do contact the project team at


Kenneth Creighton

Director of Professional Standards, RICS

This consultation has now closed.

Consultation Summary

Consultation Summary
Name RICS pathways and competencies review - second-stage consultation on individual pathway guides
Dates From 4 Sep 2017 at 17:00 to 3 Nov 2017 at 23:59.
Status Closed
Contact Details