RICS draft code of practice - Procurement of facility management

Procurement of facility management code of practice

2 Key principles

The following is a list of key principles that should be adhered to in the procurement of FM services.

  1. There should be a defined, detailed scope of the services being procured, defining what is and is not included.
  2. The DO should state clear objectives for the procurement project and the subsequent operations.
  3. The DO should provide bidders with enough data and information to allow them to respond with robust proposals.
  4. The evaluation criteria should reflect the DO's objectives.
  5. The DO should develop a pricing structure stating what services and costs are included, what is excluded and how changes will be calculated and agreed.
  6. There should be specific and reasonable timescales for the procurement process.
  7. The DO should detail a payment mechanism and commercial terms that are transparent and fair.
  8. All parties are required to comply with relevant legislation and rules that apply in the territories where services are to be provided, e.g. data protection.