Home Survey Standard

RICS draft professional statement - Home Survey Standard

Appendix C: Knowledge of general environmental issues in a locality

RICS members need to be familiar with the nature and complexity of the locality in which the subject property is situated. This includes general environmental issues where the information is freely available to the public.

Although the range and nature of these issues will change over time, the list currently includes:

  • flooding (surface, river and sea)
  • radon
  • noise from transportation networks
  • typical geological and soil conditions
  • well-known but unique local and regional ground conditions
  • important landfill sites and former industrial activities
  • former mining activities and
  • future/proposed infrastructure schemes and proposals.

This list is not prescriptive or exhaustive because relevant issues will vary based on location.

Please note Single Survey Scotland variations apply. Refer to the RICS Property Inspection Technical Guidance for the Completion of Single Surveys.