CLGE European requirements for cadastral surveyor activities - review and update

This consultation is designed to review and update the 2007 CLGE document ' EU requirements for Cadastral Surveyor requirements', a lot has changed since 2007 in terms of technology, policy, professionalism and legal issues and it is important that CLGE (and its partners such as Eurographics and IG-Parls) keps up to date with developments. The original 2007 document can be downloaded in full, we have also sub divided the Annexs into separate documents for ease of review and comment. The backbone of the new document will be the data gathered from the revised and updated online questionnaire. This consultation is designed to get your comments on any edits, additions or revisions to each set of questions, you can add your comments here CLGE European requirements for cadastral surveyor activities - review and update 



2007 foreword:

Security of land tenure is fundamental to a stable and prosperous society and modern economy. The Cadastre

and Land Registry organisations of Europe have long provided such secure, reliable and authoritative

information. In many Member States cadastral activity relies upon well qualified and properly licensed private


Whilst measures such as the requirements for regulating the recognition of professional qualifications and the

Directive on services in the internal market are starting to impact in the surveyor’s market there are still

significant differences in the standards required of surveyors working on state cadastres in the Member States.

This study shows that more needs to be done at both a national and European level to improve the consistency of

qualification and licensing and to lay down minimum requirements for professional indemnity insurance and

continuing professional development and Life Long Learning

In short a common European framework for recognition of the profession of the cadastral surveyor needs to be

developed. Finding an agreement for a ’platform’ following the EU-Directive 2005/36 on Mutual Recognition could be

a way to define a European standard for the cadastral surveyor in Europe.

EuroGeographics the European Council of Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) and

Geometer Europas (GE) will continue to work together for such an outcome.

This consultation has now closed.

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Consultation Summary

Consultation Summary
Name CLGE European requirements for cadastral surveyor activities - review and update
Description review and update of 2007 document
Dates From 6 Jun 2017 at 12:00 to 31 Dec 2017 at 23:59. The results will be published by 31 Mar 2018.
Status Closed
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