RICS Draft Guidance Note: Planned preventative maintenance of commercial and residential property, 1st edition

This guidance note is an essential addition to the suite of documents produced by RICS in relation to building surveying and health and safety. It is intended to provide guidance to surveyors on how to go about undertaking a Planned, Preventative Maintenance (PPM) survey and report. This GN is aimed at PPM reports for built assets (e.g. the type a Building Surveyor would undertake) rather than the type of ‘Planned Maintenance’ reports for MEPF asset / component replacement, as may be undertaken by an MEP engineer or Facilities Manager.

PPM refers to the type of maintenance that is performed purposely and regularly to keep the structure and fabric, facilities, plant and equipment of a building in satisfactory operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection and correction of failures, either before they occur, where actually present or before they develop into major defects. PPM also helps to identify the point at which such items can reasonably be deemed to have reached the end of their economic lives, such that replacement or renewal may be necessary. PPM programmes are usually prepared to cover 5–10-year maintenance periods and should be regularly reviewed and updated at frequent intervals.

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