RICS Draft Guidance Note: Asbestos - legal requirements and best practice for property professionals and clients (4th edition)

RICS Asbestos 4th edition consultation draft


UK REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is the regulation for controlling chemicals in the UK, and part of its framework prohibits the marketing of articles to which asbestos fibres have been intentionally added.

The HSE has powers to issue an exemption from the prohibition imposed by UK REACH if there is a valid justification, and if it can be demonstrated that a high level of protection of human health can be ensured.

UK REACH exemption certificates

To date, the HSE has issued two exemptions relevant to RICS members:

  • museum artefacts that may contain asbestos and
  • heritage vehicles that may contain asbestos.

In the past, generic permissions have been issued to museums and heritage restoration groups, and any article supplied should have asbestos warning labels.

The Asbestos - FAQs section of the HSE website provides further guidance.