Update to Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment

Welcome to the initial consultation for the update to the RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment Professional Statement. Thank you for your interest in taking part. This consultation is to get feedback on the current, 1st edition, to help shape the development of a new edition. RICS is keen to hear as many views as possible to ensure the new standard is fit for purpose. You are invited to download the current document [HERE] and complete the accompanying questionnaire [HERE].

Following on from the soon-to-be launched ICMS 3, the RICS is now undertaking an update to its Professional Statement in Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment (1st Edition), published in 2017. The update will align with the taxonomy in ICMS 3 for classification of carbon reporting alongside cost reporting to allow these two key value metrics to be measured and considered. Importantly, the update will include benchmarking and early-stage advice for practitioners undertaking Life Cycle Assessments in building and infrastructure projects globally. The updated professional statement will put Chartered Surveyors at the forefront of this process which is essential in assisting the construction and built environment industries in achieving global carbon targets.


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Completing the questionnaire:

The standard is provided as downloadable PDF for you to read and review. We would then like you answer some specific questions we have put in the accompanying questionnaire. This also contains some general questions about those taking part in this consultation, which help us to asses the breadth of the response.

When completing the questionnaire, please make sure you:

  • Avoid leaving responses that do not reflect a point of view
  • Keep comments as brief and to the point as possible
  • Comment only on the technical content of the draft as opposed to the formatting/appearance

If you require further assistance or information, please contact Simon Hall shall2@rics.org 

This consultation will close on Sunday 16th January 2022

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